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C.A Rohit Kumar Singhania

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Singhania Khanduja & Associates

"Quickbooks is really a very good accounting software to manage all the finances.The training was very beneficial for me as a Chartered, as it will help me grow my business abroad."

Arundhuti Basu

Inkwest Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

"Prior to joining the course I did know that this would be worth learning but I didn't know it would be this good. Quickbooks is a very user friendly software and the way we were taught over the scope of these 2 days was really good. So it was an amazing experience overall."

C.A Raj Kumar Tibrewal

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Raj Tibrewal & Associates

"Very much indispensible and new venture to go on with a vision to work & earn. Learnt concept of -New Area, Big Oppurtunity, to catch overseas clients, learned how to manage office work, production time, handling of work , fees collection , learnt automation, delegation and trust and to give commited service."

Ashis Himmatsingka

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Himmatsingka & Associates

"Exciting, motivating, shown a new era of business. Thank You"

Kalash M. Shah

Punam Agarwal
House Wife

"This software is so user friendly and simple that even a housewife like me can get trained and earn in dollars."

CA Bijoy Kumar Agarwal

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Bijay Dhaniraj & Co.

"Very good , specially Sarita Ma'm presentation is excellent and sanjib Sir tips change our view towards profession."

CA Santosh Kumar Dash

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Santosh Gaurahai Dash & Associates

"The course and more particularly the conversation with ShriSanghi enlighten us and I wish I can enhance my productivity. I am looking forward to get some assignment of type which can be done with QB as early as possible."

CA Vijay Agarwal

Chartered Account

"I believe chartered Accountants should come forward and learn this software as CA practice in india has become very competitive and less lucrative this will help them exploit new accounting market."

Kalash M. Shah

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Kalash M. Shah & Associates

"The most important thing was live data which was shown to us to understand the topic in detail and details analysis of the software Quick books. The Most important thing was the Guidance to get the work."

Ayush Agarwal

Working in S. K. Patodia & Associates

"It was awesome and learning from here after learning something. So it is really good."

CA Jaideep N Mavathe

Chartered Account
Working in Marethe & Shingvi

"we found the business aspect of this training absolutely fantastic the technical secessions showed us the potential of providing our clients with too many value addition services. Overall this training, has given us the confidence and the exposure to enter this soon to be booming business."

Swapnil S. Gandh

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Swapnil S. Gandh & Associates

"Experience was very good, sanjib sir has actually inspired me to jump into this segment sarita has very much experience in this field . very nice ."

Sanket Sunil Shingri

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Marathe & Singvi Chartered Accountants

"The seminar was very useful . it helped in having totally different approach towards this new opportunity. Mr. Sanjeevs Practical experience helped a lot to understand this concept."

Arun Balaji

Inkwest Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

"This training was a powerhence of knowledge & intraction. I enjoy every movement."

S. V. Subba Rao

M/S Himadri Pradhan & Co.

"Thanks for sharing your valuable experience to our CA fraternity to change our attitude, mindset towards professional development in diversified areas."

Sri Hari Rao Amati

Inkwest Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

"I found it is realy useful to improve my professional opportunities and learn a lot during this workshop session"

T. Gopi Srinivas

Senior Manager - finance
keypoint Technologies(India) Pvt. Ltd.

"It would be letter in case of make us to practice in greeting a dummy company & get accustional with passing entires & checking the reports."

Priti Saraf

Freelance Accountant

"A new dimension of opportunity is open to us. Way of explanation is superb. Excited to explore this opportunity"

Bikash Shaw

Chartered Account in practise
Working in B. Shaw & Co.

"Experience was very good. Learnt a lot of things. Even I did networking being here, which will obviously help me in my future endeavor"

Deepak Agarwal

Chartered Account in practise
Working in Uttam Agarwal & Associates

"This training has build up confidence in me to think and working overseas module or environment and try to earn in dollars."

Prabir Basak

Working in Finteq Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

"Presentation was too good. Learn a lot on QuickBooks and got some confidence to come into profession in future. There is an opportunity in overseas market"

CA Soumen Biswas

S. Biswas & Associates

"QuickBooks is user friendly and various reports may be very useful for the management. Training session was very motivating"

Purba Sircar

Chartered Account in practise
Working in P. Sircar & Associates

"Not only we know how to operate Quickbooks. We came to know how to develop network and procure business. Now waiting to get client and start working."

Kushal Agarwal

Kushal Abhijit & Associates.

"The course was very good. Workshop was really an excellent experience for me. Sanjib sir was awesome. Team members were really friendly in nature."

Raj Kumar Singh

Audit Executive
Working in K.R. Sriram & Co.

"There are lots of opportunities and scope for US and UK accounting through Quickbooks. It provides easiest way to improve our accounting capability and also we can provide better services in overseas through Quickbooks "

Kushal Agarwal

Apex Accounting Services Pvt. Ltd.

"Nice experience. Session really extended my horizon."

Arvind Bhura

Chartered Account in practise
Arvind Bhura & Co.

"I am happy, learning Quickbooks and I express my gratitude to Sanjib Sir and Sarita Agarwal for sharing their knowledge and helping us find new business and extending our horizon. I am not only taking new business but also techniques to do, of which learning Quickbooks is a major part."

Prabhas Kumar Roy

Working in K. R. Sriram & Co.

"It is very useful to organize our clients profile along with accounting in Quickbooks. It is a tool that can save our time and cost with efficient deliverables and quality jobs."

Anil Kumar Yadav

Working in K. R. Sriram & Co.

"The session on business management will probably help me out to plan in a better way to manage my clients and money. The session on Quickbooks is good and will definitely help me to find out the fault in accounting package we use."

Aninda Sundar Roy

K.R. Sriram & Co.

"Features in Quickbooks are really good. The business management session will help me develop an idea to manage our clients in a better way. Thank you sir."

Himadri Pradhan

M/S Himadri Pradhan & Co.

"After this training I would like to explore in this fields of work. Gives a moral boost up to do business in a globalised environment."

Narendra Puvvadi

Keypoint technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

"Very nice experience and lern new things which is useful and interesting."

Murali Krishna

Chartered Account in practise

"Come to know about new S/O. learn about managing data/office."

CA Kiran Pala

Chartered Account in practise
Durga Rav & Co.

"I was introducing work management systems. Info shared by you regarding your practice is useful. QuickBooks session also is upto my expectations."

Shankar Lilha

Chartered Account

"It was interesting and provided ineight into the new world of accounting. Addressal of practical problem generally faced while working are of great help."

B. A. Pradeep Kumar

B. A. Pradeep Kumar $ Co.

"Know the latest technologics in Accounting Quickbooks cloud software. Go to meeting smartvavil which is very helpful."

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