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How much does your live class cost?

Our 12 hrs One to One Training Course costs  Rs.9950 /- for batch Training refer to our pricing catalog.

Do you cover the same material in the live online version and classroom version of Mastering QuickBooks?


How does the live class work?

After you sign up, we'll send you a confirmation which guarantees your seat in the class. The confirmation includes the class dates and time. Just arrive at the class, sign-in, receive your classroom manuals and have a seat The instructor teaches and demonstrates QuickBooks on a large projection screen and answers your specific questions at the end of each section. You can bring your laptop if you want, but that's optional. Most people just follow along and take notes in their manuals. You can purchase additional QuickBooks training resources while at the seminar at the seminar discounted price.

Can I just attend Day 1 or Day 2 of the QuickBooks class?

We don't recommend it because the course is designed as a 2 day class. However, there are some cases where this might be appropriate. Call our office at 033-40071241 to speak to a training advisor.

What is the cancellation policy?

Refunds will be made only if cancellation request is received in writing 5 (five) business days prior to Class (minus 25% registration fee).

Which version of QuickBooks do you teach?

We always teach the current version. Don't worry if you have a different version. The instructor will point out the differences between the current version and your version. Older versions work basically the same way and you'll learn new and improved features!

There are no classes near me, what are my option?

You can attend the exact same class online or you can buy our Tutorial Videos.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you're not satisfied for any reason, return your materials to the instructor by lunch on the first day of class and you will receive a full refund. We do not provide refunds if you do not attend class. We will, however, keep your credit so that you may attend another class in the future.

What if I miss the class because of illness or travel?

We apply your credit to another class of your choice (in your area or online).

Am I guaranteed a seat in the class when I place my order?

Yes. Your registration is guaranteed upon receipt of payment.

Can I split the class between dates? In other words, can I attend Day 1 this month and Day 2 the next time you're in my area?

Yes, Please call a training advisor at 033-40071241 to set this up.

Do I need to get my Laptop?

We don't make it mandatory, but for a better understanding and hands on experience, it's always better to carry one.

How does the live online class work?

You view the instructor's screen on your computer and listen via your computer's speakers or headphone jack. To ask a question, use the chat feature or ask your question out loud if your computer is equipped with a microphone.

What do I need to take the live online class?

You need a high-speed Internet connection. We recommend a computer with external speakers or a headphone jack. Although not required, it's easier to ask questions if your computer has a microphone. Some people use a USB, wireless, or bluetooth headset that includes a microphone.

Do I need QuickBooks on my computer?


I didn't receive my class confirmation. What should I do?

First, check your junk mail/spam folder. If you still didn't receive your confirmation, please call our office at 033-40071241

I'm having difficulty connecting to the live online QuickBooks class. What should I do?

If you need a new email with a link to the class, call our office at 033-40071241 . If you've clicked the link and aren't able to connect to the class, call our helpline number at 033-40071241. They can assist you with technical problems on the day of the class.

What time does the class start and end?

The start and time is user specific. Also, Kindly log-in at least 20 minutes early to ensure your computer is setup for the class.

How many people can view the training with me?

The class fee is per person. To add more attendees, call 033-40071241


Will they play on my Mac?

Our Learning QuickBooks for Mac CD teaches you how to use the Mac version of QuickBooks and is our only product designed to play on a Mac. However, you can use our other PC based training products if you run the Windows OS via parallels on your mac.

What are the system requirements?
PC/Windows System Requirements (All CD/DVD products except Learning QuickBooks for Mac)

1 GHz Intel Pentium (or equivalent) with 1 GB RAM
Operating System: 32 or 64 bit version of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or higher
A current version of Adobe's Flash player
1024x768 or larger screen resolution
Disk: 1 GB free space
Sound card and speakers or headphones
CD/DVD Drive

Apple Macintosh System Requirements (For Learning QuickBooks for Mac)
Macintosh G4 processor or higher with 512 MB RAM
Mac OS X 10.5.4 "Leopard", or higher
QuickTime 7.0 or higher
1024x768 or larger screen resolution
Disk: 1 GB free space
Sound card and speakers or headphones
CD/DVD Drive

Call- 033 4007 1241


"The most important thing was live data which was shown to us to understand the topic in detail and details analysis of the software Quick books. The Most important thing was the Guidance to get the work."

Kalash M. Shah
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"we found the business aspect of this training absolutely fantastic the technical secessions showed us the potential of providing our clients with too many value addition services. Overall this training, has given us the confidence and the exposure to enter this soon to be booming business."

CA Jaideep N Mavathe
Chartered Account

QuickBooks Training in India

"Experience was very good, sanjib sir has actually inspired me to jump into this segment sarita has very much experience in this field very nice."

Swapnil S. Gandh
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"The seminar was very useful . it helped in having totally different approach towards this new opportunity. Mr. Sanjeevs Practical experience helped a lot to understand this concept."

Sanket Sunil Shingri
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"It was awesome and learning from here after learning something. So it is really good."

Ayush Agarwal
Working in S. K. Patodia & Associates

QuickBooks Training in India

"Nice one and also a lot of / full of knowledge."

CA Priya P. Bora (Tapdiya)
Chartered Account in practise
Working in Priya Bora & Co.

QuickBooks Training in India

"Nice Experience"

Firoze H. Vazifdar
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"I can understand we are not only Indian Accounting We have whole global us to market."

Jain Saurabh Sumanchandra
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"Before the workshop I was worried about how and when I an do the outsourcing work , but offer this workshop I have very much clear idea about the out sourcing."

aksh Patel
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"got overall idea of huge business lying outside India. Your idea regarding business development communication was innovative."

Mahesh Vishnu Lele
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"The training was very useful . We can use it for our Indian Clients also. My Experience in this training is very good not only with regard to quick books but also other works we handle in our office on daily basis, like overall client management and office management."

C.A Subhash Agarwal
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"Very much indispensible and new venture to go on with a vision to work & earn. Learnt concept of -New Area, Big Oppurtunity, to catch overseas clients, learned how to manage office work, production time, handling of work , fees collection , learnt automation, delegation and trust and to give commited service."

C.A Raj Kumar Tibrewal
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"The course and more particularly the conversation with ShriSanghi enlighten us and I wish I can enhance my productivity. I am looking forward to get some assignment of type which can be done with QB as early as possible."

CA Santosh Kumar Dash
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"It was really Fantastic Experience"

C.A Rohit Kumar Singhania
Chartered Account in practise

QuickBooks Training in India

"It was interesting and provided ineight into the new world of accounting. Addressal of practical problem generally faced while working are of great help."

Shankar Lilha
Chartered Account

QuickBooks Training in India

"Know the latest technologics in Accounting Quickbooks cloud software. Go to meeting smartvavil which is very helpful."

B. A. Pradeep Kumar
B. A. Pradeep Kumar $ Co.

QuickBooks Training in India

"Very nice experience and lern new things which is useful and interesting."

Narendra Puvvadi
Keypoint technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

QuickBooks Training in India

"Come to know about new S/O. learn about managing data/office."

Murali Krishna
Ramasary koteswara Rao & Co

QuickBooks Training in India

"I was introducing work management systems. Info shared by you regarding your practice is useful. QuickBooks session also is upto my expectations."

CA Kiran Pala
Durga Rav & Co.

QuickBooks Training in India

"It would be letter in case of make us to practice in greeting a dummy company & get accustional with passing entires & checking the reports."

T. Gopi Srinivas
keypoint Technologies(India) Pvt. Ltd.

QuickBooks Training in India